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Slow Wine Austin 2017

Slow Wine Austin 2017

Wine is a food product that can be produced through many different means. Even with the modern demand for wine creating mega-growers with hectare vineyards and highly modified production methods there are many that maintain a different standard. Yesterday we attended an event hosted by Slow Wine ( part of the Slow Food organization). What’s Slow Wine? A quote from their website sums it up best:

“Slow Food believes that wine, just as with food, must be good, clean, and fair — not just good.

Wine is an agricultural product, just like any of the foods we eat, and has an impact on the lives of the people who produce it, as well as on the environment – through pesticides, herbicides and excessive water consumption which are all commonplace in conventional wine production”

The same group lists initiatives:

“Through our guide, online magazine and international tour, we support and promote small-scale Italian winemakers who are using traditional techniques, working with respect for the environment and terroir, and safeguarding the incredible biodiversity of grape varieties that are part of Italy’s heritage.”

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