Watermelon Grasshopper Cocktail

watermelon grasshopper Cocktail so refreshing!

I’m fascinated by grasshoppers. With their large and powerful back legs they can jump and leap virtually unlike any other animal on earth. Also in many tales grasshoppers are the  voice of your conscience like Jiminy Cricket. To farmers and even backyard gardeners, the appearance of a swarm of grasshoppers is second only to a swarm of locusts as the most devastating insect attack that can happen. Their voracious appetites can lead to stripped fields faster than seems possible. Its like summer heat, relentless and voracious!… Is it winter yet?.
The grasshopper in this drink is a good blast of freshness it’s so refreshing and light, the peppermint liquor gives it a breeze feel without being overwhelming. It finishes with a subtle note of fresh peppermint that complements well with the sweetness from the watermelon. It is just the drink you want to have in a hot summer afternoon.
Beat the heat! Make yourself a Watermelon grasshopper for the weekend!…

Watermelon grasshoper cocktail, cold and refreshing summer drink!


Watermelon Grasshopper Cocktail

3 cups watermelon seeded and blended until smooth.
2 parts of vodka
2 teaspoons of peppermint liquor ( choose one with out the green coloring)
1 tablespoon Grenadine
A shake or two of Angostura bitters.
4-6 cups of ice
Garnish with:
1 lime juice and zest.
4 cups of ice


In a Glass pitcher combine everything, mix well. Serve on short glasses squeeze some lime juice and lime zest. Enjoy!

watermelon grasshopper  cocktail cold and refreshing...

Watermelon Grasshopper drink away your cocktail...

The grasshopper on the picture scientific name is:  Caloptenus femur-rubrum.

Their legs are actually reddish in color. These red-legged demons eat everything, including the tops of potato plants.

So, I think he likes Vodka!…



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