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In the past few months Austin urban farms have been in an endangered situation by the new code of regulation and ordinance that it is claiming the East side zone as  “single family” under  zoning protection. My question to this new ordinance is:  Isn’t single families quality of life made greater by organic urban farms? I think the root of the problem is not the presence of urban farms but  the attitude about them. Why does the city sees opportunity on the weakest links, when it is a great opportunity to take care and promote these urban farms that add so much value to the neighborhoods and families.

I visit and shop for my produce regularly at the Boggy Creek Farm, which is one of the pioneer urban farms in Austin. I can not express the joy that shopping there brings me by only thinking that soon its going to be Wednesday or Saturday so I can have my piece of heaven, just 7 minutes from my home.

Arriving to the farm, everything smells alive and the rows of seasonal flowers receive you. They have their own inside parking area, you can ride a bicycle or walk if you live near by.  People arrive with their kids to feed the happy chickens, and you can take a walk around the beautiful fields of pampered vegetables. There is an open barn area where the workers bring the freshly cut and perfectly washed seasonal vegetables and  it is all arranged in baskets and tables with a beautiful array of colours and life! . Sometimes I just stare at the produce and think that I’m there to buy LIVE vegetables which where cut an hour ago, 20 minutes ago? It reminds me vegetables we eat should always be  this fresh and it makes me  feel grateful to have the opportunity to shop at a place like this.

I can not put into words how happy this makes me feel and how inspired I get from just seeing and knowing that somebody cares so much about what I’m going to buy and eat, and how much healthier I’ve become and feel better when I eat these fresh veggies…
I can not understand the motive of the city of trying to keep the zone of single family ordinance… isn’t these farms part of what makes a family happy?, improve their eating habits, teach children how to live and eat healthier?..We need to focus on  the other side of the coin for once and appreciate the great value that urban farms bring to our community and to become a city that leads the example of a new scheme of  urban life.

I just can say:

Carol Ann and Larry,
Thank you so much for making this world better one vegetable at the time!


Ian and Mariana McEnroe

We would like to share some of the pictures that we’ve taken when  we visit the farm or just after arriving home with all the beautiful produce that makes our week just full of life!


Boggy Creek Farms inspire me every day! visit the farm every Wednesday and Saturday from 8-1:00 pm


How you can help? :

Austin’s urban farms provide a tremendous benefit to our community. Click here to read more about the importance of the farms to all Austinites.

Here’s a few ways you can help the farms:

1. Write a letter to the editor of the Austin American-Statesman in support of urban farms.Click on the link below and get active!

2. Help Austin Urban Farm Day with social media using hashtag #urbanfarmday.

3. Help spread the word! Ask your friends and neighbors to support Austin Urban Farms.


 The City Council next meeting is currently scheduled for November 21, 2013.

 “I support Urban Farms” you can vote and help TODAY!!!


I Support Austin Urban Farms!!!

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